The Right Vacation Rental has ended its relationship with AARP as of December 31, 2012. We will no longer be able to honor the AARP discount. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Interested in renting an apartment, villa or home in Europe?

We carefully select each vacation rental for:
  • Trusted Hosts
  • Comfort, character and convenience
  • No surprises
  • Best value for the money
We have been in the business of finding great vacation rentals in Europe for over thirty-four years.

  • Our experience! We have provided thousands of travelers over the last 38 years an excellent apartment, villa or house in Europe.
  • Our flexibility! We can rent for one week or ten.
  • Our expertise! We know the apartment market in Europe better than any other American company, and know how to find and pick the cream of the crop of places to stay.
  • Our judgment! We have so much experience in finding great places in Europe that we know how to find value. We look at lots of places; only the very best get to be listed on our site. And while our properties range from ultimate luxury to simple studios, they are all clean, comfortable and convenient for the independent traveler.
  • Our properties! We hand select each of our apartments, cottages, and farmhouses.
  • Our website! We have more information about each property than any comparable site. Plus, you can email the host directly to ask any additional questions.
  • Our value! It has been proven time and again that our prices are hard to beat when you look at what we provide, even if you try to do things on your own. Travel guru Arthur Frommer has called Untours, 'one of the world's 10 best travel bargains'.
  • Our mission! All profits from Untours are donated to the Untours Foundation, which provides low interest loans to projects around the world that create jobs, fund low-income housing, and support Fair Trade products.
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